Future Aims


Developing and improving the support and care available to local families is always our core focus.

With this in mind, some of our future aims include :


  1. Creating a Resource and Support Pack that can be given to newly bereaved families. This will incorporate a lot of the information available on our website
  2. Sourcing funding for two midwives to receive dedicated bereavement midwifery training
  3. Developing regular support groups and inviting guest speakers
  4. Working in partnership with Nobles Hospital to continue the development of the Forget Me Not Suite
  5. Raising the age of families we can support to 17 years, bridging the gap between childhood and adulthood
  6. Offering Complimentary Holistic Therapies to families who may be waiting on a counselling service
  7. Providing parents who are experiencing a subsequent pregnancy after a loss, with specialist relaxation classes and a dedicated peer support group
  8. Sourcing and retaining a dedicated counsellor specialising in supporting those who have lost a child
  9. Development of new pathways of care for families carrying a baby with a fatal diagnosis
  10. Reaching a standardised level of support and care offered to all family members 


To reach a standardised level of support, we believe this should include: 

  • Ensuring maternity services are focused around the needs of women and their families
  • Ensuring a positive experience for all (the death of a child is never positive, but the care and experience during and after can be positive)
  • Ensuring families are able to make informed decisions
  • Improving services for fathers, such as enabling fathers to stay over night with partners in the Forger Me Not Suite
  • Helping to develop better support for fathers following complex pregnancies and births & deaths
  • Raising awareness of PTSD after the death of a child, and enabling individuals to seek appropriate support

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