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The following information is correct as of May 2016, but your rights and benefits may change. Please contact the Department of Health and Social Security for the most up to date information

What are you entitled to?

What you are entitled to depends on many things, including the length of your pregnancy, whether your baby was stillborn or lived a short time after birth, whether you are employed, and your earnings before the birth.

Financial Benefits

It is common for bereaved families to be hit with unexpected financial strain. So it is important to find out all about your rights and benefits to which you may be entitled. There is also a time limit to claim some benefits, so it is important to find out your entitlement as soon as possible.

If your baby was born dead before 24 weeks of completed pregnancy, you are not entitled to maternity or paternity rights or benefits. But you do still have some entitlements.

Mothers are entitled to Sick Leave – Miscarriage is a pregnancy related sickness. Your employer must not dismiss or treat you less favourably because you have a pregnancy-related sickness, even if you have only just started working there.

You may also be entitled to Compassionate Leave or Time off for Dependants. If you are not sick, your employer may give you compassionate leave or Time off for Dependants in certain circumstances. This will depend on your contract of employment and your employer’s policy. Ask your employer about Sick Pay.

Fathers or partners – including same sex partners – may be entitled to Sick Leave, Compassionate Leave or Time off for Dependants from your employer.

If your baby was stillborn after 24 completed weeks of pregnancy OR if your baby was born alive at any stage of pregnancy then died; mothers are entitled to 52 weeks Maternity Leave. You should normally have told your employer that you were pregnant before the 24th completed week of your pregnancy. If you gave birth before your Maternity Leave started, your leave starts the day after you gave birth.

Mothers may be entitled to Maternity Pay from your employer, Maternity Allowance or income related benefits from the Government.

Fathers or partners – including same sex partners – may be entitled to one or two consecutive weeks’ Paternity Leave from your employer. You should normally have informed your employer before the 24th week of pregnancy, that you plan to take Paternity Leave. You may be entitled to Sick Leave, Sick Pay, Compassionate Leave or Time off for Dependants from your employer.

You may also be entitled to 8 weeks of Child Benefit payments, paid in one lump sum.

If you are planning a funeral for your child, you may be entitled to Funeral Payments, and extra help if your child died off the Island.

Free Prescriptions

You are entitled to 12 months free prescriptions and NHS dental treatment. You may have already received your exemption certificate however if not, ask your doctor or midwife for the form which you fill in and they sign, then you’ll receive your Maternity Exemption certificate in the post.

You can arrange a meeting to discuss any queries or questions you have at :

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